1243092248446-2804Shanghai Trading has been established in1997 in Sharjah active in Auto accessories and spare parts field from the date of establishment and in 2003 we have registered our second sister company under the name of Shanghai Palace International General Trading in Deira-Dubai. Everyday we are importing the auto accessories from so many countries around the globe to feed the domestic market and exporting to former Soviet Union Countries, GCC countries and Europe and Africa.

Today we are honored to be the one of the Pioneers who extends their business capabilities to Eastern Asia region with establishment of a sister company in Hong Kong named “TRIPLE DRAGON HONGKONG LIMITED” and also establishment of our new office in Guangzhou China.

Now Shanghai Palace International with its 5 registered offices (3 in UAE, 1 in HK and 1 in Guangzhou) is ready to serve the precious customers from various nationalities with variety of demands and variety of professional inquiries from Auto accessories field to Electronics and Healthcare.